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Charming Alm Spa Oasis




As you enter our unique spa oasis, with its imitation alpine hut, you feel right at home. Tastefully decorated with high quality, scented wood, you'll find a little gem. A Finnish sauna, a gently warming infra-red sauna and a dip tank are available for our guests.The flood and adventure showers ensure a refreshing cooling down afterwards. Your thoughts will wander to gentle music and colour therapy. In the warm relaxation room head off into dreamland. If you're thirsty, help yourself to a glass of revived crystal water. Sauna towels are provided in our spa oasis. 


Wellnessoase   Wellnessoase



Infra-red cabin sauna with aromatic scents, approx. 40°C

Infra-red rays are the "boring" rays on the light spectrum, which provide warmth. The infra-red energy only warms the body upon which the warming rays land and does not use the surrounding air as a means of transport. This effective warmth penetrates the skin's surface and activates a number of healthy processes. The warming energy stimulates muscles and organs, resulting in intensive sweating. This natural, healthy sweating results in deep cleansing.  The temperature of around 40°C in the infra-red sauna is beneficial to and gentle on the body.



Dip tank

For cooling-down you can dive in the dip tank and activate your circulatory System with fresh spring water.



Finnish sauna with aroma infusions, between 85 - 95°C

A stay of around 10 to 15 minutes is recommended to sweat properly. The temparature is about 90°C. For hygiene reasons we kindly ask you to place a towel underneath you. Afterwards you should relax for about 15 to 30 minutes. According to your physical condition you can go for a 2nd or 3rd session. The necessary cooling down afterwards takes place in our cold adventure shower and flood shower.



Colour therapy and relaxing music

You can automatically let the power of colour and our relaxing music take effect in our spa area. Due to vibrations in the body music can have an effect on brain power, heartbeat and breathing. Disharmony can be resolved through relaxing music and gentle sounds. Our coloured starry sky also illuminates your body and can have a positve effect on your mood. Red stands for energy, love and courage. Blue encourages peace, yearning and trust. Green is the symbol for growth, naturalness and harmony. Yellow is the sun and stands for light, jollity and zest for life. 



Revived crystal water

As your body looses a lot of water during a visit to the spa, revived crystal drinking water is available. Selected mountain crystals, rose quartz and amethysts give the water back its original structure, energize it and lend it added vitalitiy which in turn has an effect on your body.








Free spa days

During the winter season guests may use the Alm Spa Oasis free of Charge 5 x a week (Monday to Friday from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm. Closed 24.12. and 31.12. 


Children under 14 years may only use the spa area when accompanied by an adult. Please do not take your mobile phone into the spa and please wear slippers.










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